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Artificial Grass Advantages

Ventajas del Césped Artificial Hilos de Césped Artificial

Why having
artificial grass

Surely we have already heard about the artificial grass, but still do not know what types exist or if it is worth having it in our garden against the natural one. What advantages does it offer compared to the natural one?
Normally the natural one brings great beauty to the landscape, but also other inconveniences such as the need for irrigation, fertilizers, compost, the use of mowers, herbicides to kill weeds, etc.
Nowadays it has developed a lot, and we have a wide range of varieties and styles, from the most classic to the most modern and urban ones, with uncommon colours, such as blue or red, or we can choose among the most suitable for landscaping or for sports. Who was going to tell? Now you can decorate your garden with the grass you have always dreamed of. Thickness, length, colour, tonality... You can choose the grass that best suits your tastes or needs.

How many of you have in your garden natural grass and, in most cases, it looks yellow? How many of you would you like to have your green garden 365 days a year? With artificial grass you can get it. One of its main advantages is that you will wear your green garden every day of the year. Remember, also, that our artificial grass - any of our models - is treated with anti-UV treatment and does not shine excessively. Thus, we guarantee that this treatment will not harm or discolour our synthetic grass, so the green colour is 100% guaranteed.

As we all know, natural grass, in addition to needing part of our dedication to keep it always in perfect condition and state, also requires a certain dose of water. Artificial grass, on the other hand, does not need water to be maintained. Actually, watter will only be used from time to time to clean it. In this sense, with a quick and simple hose of water, on rare occasions, our artificial grass will be in optimal conditions and in perfect state of cleanliness. In this way, we can guarantee that with synthetic grass you will save on water.

Having natural grass in perfect condition always requires a very high dedication of our free time to ensure that it is green, healthy, without plagues and looks perfectly in the place where we have sown. Artificial grass, on the other hand, does not require too much of our time to be preserved. Thus, the only thing we will have to do on a few occasions will be brushing it, to prevent it from being squashed (we shall remember that artificial grass is a product that, over the years, and if we do not brush it, it can be somewhat squashed) and we will guarantee a completely effective memory effect. Therefore, we guarantee that with synthetic grass you will save time.

The standard guarantee of our artificial grass for landscaping and gardening, due to manufacturing defects, is 8 to 10 years under appropriate conditions of use and maintenance.