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Installation of multisport artificial grass and golf green

Do you want to start a gym at home? A sports hall? A quality putting green to practice your best shot? We have the best. Our capabilities allow us to carry out the most complicated projects that you can think of.

Multisport artificial grass is an example of a specific solution to a complex need, which is why it is exclusively designed for use on multisport courts and recreational use thanks to being made with high-performance, low-abrasiveness monofilament yarn. Be it a gym, a very large golf green, a miniature golf course with intricate curves or a putting green in your home or office, the materials used must be of very high quality. We'll make it easier to get in shape or make your putt a success.

Discover our models of artificial grass for golf courses below and contact us, we will advise you on the best choice!

  • Putting Green
  • Office
  • Golf
  • Minigolf
  • Gyms
  • Sports hall
  • Sports centers
  • Colleges

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