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Paddle Tennis Court

In recent years, paddle tennis has experienced truly spectacular growth and until now, no better surface has been found for its courts than artificial grass. In tennis, the use of artificial grass is very common because it offers a pleasant and flexible game, while requiring low maintenance.

If we want to have courts that last in perfect playing condition for many years, it is necessary to carry out a good installation of the surface to ensure uniformity and to install the right type of artificial grass with high quality materials.

Advantages of artificial grass: It can be played both in winter and in summer, its optimal drainage allows to extend the outdoor season, the environment and footwear are kept clean, minimal pressure on muscles and joints, etc.

Each model of artificial grass offers different types of grip, playing speed or durability, depending on what you are looking for for your court. At Mallorca GRASS we are experts in types of artificial grass for paddle and tennis courts. Contact us, we will advise you on the best choice!

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Maintenance of artificial grass for Paddle and Tennis Courts

The maintenance operations that are recommended to be carried out on artificial grass surfaces for the practice of paddle tennis and tennis range from weekly routines to more in-depth maintenance that must be carried out a couple of times a year. At Mallorca GRASS we have the right machinery for the most important care:

Cleaning: It consists of eliminating leaves, seeds, weeds and other types of debris that can decompose and lead to the appearance of fungi on the surface.

Redistribution of the sand: Balance the level of sand to prevent some areas from being fully covered and others not. A poor distribution of the sand can cause the court to wear more quickly or the ball does not vote properly.

Elimination of fungi and moss: In the shady areas or in the less used areas of the track sometimes moss and / or fungi may appear. To prevent this, the use of fungicides that do not contain oil base is recommended.

Verification of the joints: It consists of evaluating the state of the track joint joints in order, if necessary, to proceed with their repair as soon as possible, thus avoiding that the repair is more complicated.

Deep cleaning and decompaction of the surface: This task consists of removing, cleaning and reinstalling the fill sand to improve the properties of the track and its drainage capacity.

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